Why Landing Pages Are Key To Conversion

landing pages

When you dive into digital marketing, you’ll encounter a whole new set of concepts. A landing page however is a term that you may have recently heard from marketers or search engine optimizers?  Wondering what is a landing page and what are its characteristics and role in lead generation? Worry not, the article has been compiled after doing an extensive search on the term and its role in lead generation.

What is the landing page

The landing page as the name indicates is one where a visitor lands on when clicking through the link of the site. It’s role in converting a visitor to a customer is imperative. 

A landing page has always been an inseparable part of marketing for lead generation. Creating a separate distinctive page can be time-consuming but it is worth the hard work you put into it.

What is the difference between landing page and homepage

Some people wonder why marketers emphasize the landing pages when the prime aim should be to drive a visitor to the homepage. The answer is simple! Getting traffic to the homepage is good but it is less likely to bring the conversion as home pages contain a lot of information.

 If the visitor reaches with one service in mind he may get lost seeing so many services at a time. The homepage serves only one purpose to direct the visitor in the different direction where they find the required information. 

Put simply, the homepage provides the general information whereas the landing page is more focused and provides a call to action.

Maximizing Leads

Creating a distinctive and attention-grabbing landing page that aligns well with the brand’s value and gives a clear message can effectively generate more leads for the sales team.  A landing page has three prime features: enticing customers to enquire, generating leads, and educating customers about the brand’s specific message. 

Studies suggest, leads can be collected at a higher rate by sending customers specialized messages through a landing page rather than sending traffic to the website’s homepage.

Tests and optimize

Make sure to timely monitor and analyze your landing page for better performance. You can conduct tests on any feature of the landing page – be it texts, pictures, headlines, copy, form pictures. You can also amend the format of the content and consider adding bulleted text as people find it easy to read rather than those large paragraphs.

What makes a good landing page?

First thing first, you should not use your homepage as a landing page but create and send prospective customers a distinctive page that indicates the purpose or special offer you have promised them.Here are some of the core features of a distinctive and ingenious landing page. 

  • Lengthy forms on the landing page can turn off visitors and encourage them to move on. It will be better if you shorten the forms, break them into points and let users know where they are exactly in the process.
  • A good landing page is followed up by the Thank you note.
  • Customers click on the page for a reason and duping them by not providing them with what you have promised will create a bad first impression. 
  • The landing page should not necessarily be tied to the company’s vision. In contrast to this, it should serve a separate function.
  • A good landing page provides a link to other marketing offers.

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